How Do You Clean Oak Furniture?


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Dusting oak furniture with a dry cloth and removing stains and debris with a solution of saddle soap or wood-cleaning soap are two ways to clean oak furniture. Polishing oak furniture with lemon oil is a common method to improve its appearance.

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Oak materials are prized for their exceptional beauty, durability and strength. Caring for oak furniture may depend on any number of factors including its finish, location and surrounding environment. Using wax or natural oils on oak furniture provides protection from stains, infestations and cracking. Newly created oak pieces require oil or waxing every few months, while older oak furniture may require waxing or polishing only twice a year. Cleaning oak with harsh chemical cleansers may damage the wood.

To removing stains from oak furniture, apply butter to the affected area, and allow it to sit overnight before removing the butter with a clean cloth. Beeswax and natural oils may also be useful for removing stains and residue. Subjecting oak furniture to direct sunlight or high temperatures may cause harm, resulting in cracks and discoloration. When cleaning oak, apply oils or cleaning agents to a rag before wiping the surface along the wood grain. Polished oak surfaces may attract greater quantities of dust, requiring more frequent cleanings.

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