How Do You Clean Nylon Window Screens?


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While SF Gate reports several ways to clean nylon window screens, one that provides good results involves washing them in the yard using soap and water. You need a bucket, mild liquid dish detergent, and a nylon net scrubber or child's hair brush for scrubbing.

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  1. Remove the screens from the windows

    Look for plastic tabs and spring clips. Pull the screen toward the springs to remove. Depending on the screen you may need to push the frame using your fingers or slide pins to release the screen.

  2. Prepare the wash solution

    Mix about a teaspoon of detergent in the bucket of water. Avoid harsh cleaners such as those containing bleach or ammonia. This helps your screens last longer and allows you to avoid breathing unhealthy fumes.

  3. Scrub the dust and dirt away

    Dip the brush or scrubber into the solution. Wash the screens and their frames. Be careful to avoid bending or twisting screens while washing.

  4. Rinse with a garden hose

    Continue to spray water on the screens until there is no more soap in the rinse water.

  5. Allow the screens to dry before reinstalling

    Spread a blanket or tarp on the grass or patio. Lay the screens on this clean surface to allow them to dry before installing them back on the windows.

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