How Do You Clean a Nylon Tent?


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Always clean a nylon tent by hand and never in a washing machine. Use a mild detergent and a soft car-washing brush to clean the fabric. After cleaning, consider applying a waterproofing agent.

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How Do You Clean a Nylon Tent?
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  1. Set up the tent

    Remove the tent from its bag and set it up as if you were camping. Use a broom to sweep the interior of the tent and dispose of any debris if you did not do this prior to packing the tent. Sweep the exterior to remove loose dirt, leaves and pine needles.

  2. Rinse the tent

    Use a garden hose to rinse the tent. Nylon is resistant to dirt, so much of it comes off easily this way. Use the brush to scrub gently as you spray.

  3. Use detergent

    Use laundry detergent or a special nylon tent cleaner. Mix it with water in a bucket, and apply to the tent using the brush. Scrub any stained spots thoroughly.

  4. Rinse away the bubbles

    Use the hose to remove all traces of soap once the tent is clean.

  5. Apply a water seal

    Choose an appropriate sealing product for nylon, and apply while the tent is wet. Spray the tent floor and the rain fly with the product.

  6. Dry the tent

    Open the windows and doors to allow ventilation. Allow the tent to remain standing until it is completely dry. Avoid putting the tent away when wet to prevent the formation of mildew.

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