How Do You Clean a Nonslip Porcelain Bathtub?


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Non-slip tread in bathtubs gets dirty very easily. Cleaning the tread without harming the porcelain surface of the bathtub requires a little work, but no special chemicals or products are needed.

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How Do You Clean a Nonslip Porcelain Bathtub?
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  1. Gather your cleaning materials

    To clean non-slip tread without harming the porcelain, you need a powdered scouring cleanser such as Comet, a tile cleaner such as Tilex, sponges or rags, and rubber gloves. You also need liquid dish detergent that doesn't contain ammonia; ammonia will react with the scouring cleanser to create toxic fumes.

  2. Clean the bathtub with tile cleaner

    Clean the tub as you normally do to remove any soap scum or dirt. Spray the floor of the bathtub with tile cleaner, including both the non-slip tread and the porcelain. Let the tile cleaner sit for 30 minutes, then scrub it with the sponges. Repeat if needed, then rinse the tub.

  3. Clean the bathtub with detergent and cleanser

    Cover stains on the floor of the bathtub with liquid dish detergent. Apply a layer of scouring cleanser on top of the detergent. Let the cleaners sit for at least 30 minutes. Scrub the area with a sponge or rag. Keep scrubbing as you rinse with clear water. Repeat if needed to remove stubborn stains. Clean and rinse the tub thoroughly before anyone uses it.

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