How Do You Clean a Ninja Ice Cream Maker?

How Do You Clean a Ninja Ice Cream Maker?

Cleaning a Ninja blender involves wiping the base and washing the pitcher and lid with mild detergent. Ninja Kitchen produces blenders and blending bowls that are capable of making ice cream, but does not manufacture actual ice cream makers, as of 2015.

Unplug the Ninja blender before starting any cleaning tasks or removing or adding any parts to the base. Never immerse the base in liquid. Clean it with a soft damp cloth.

Excluding the base, all parts of Ninja blenders are dishwasher safe. Load the lid and attachments onto the top shelf of the dishwasher. Separate the container from the blade unit, handling it carefully, and place it on the top shelf with the cutting edges down for safe unloading. Load the pitcher, cup and bowl onto a bottom shelf. Allow all parts to dry thoroughly before storing.

For an alternative cleaning method, add warm water and a drop of detergent to the pitcher to three-quarters full. Replace the lid and pulse the mixture several times. Remove the blade unit from the pitcher, and rinse all parts. Ensure everything is fully dry before re-assembling.

After cleaning, store the blender fully assembled. Store the bowl with its blade inside, covered by its lid.