How Do You Clean a Net Wedding Veil?

Make sure that the veil is not brittle or made of a fabric that wrinkles, as these veils should be cleaned professionally. Cleaning a veil at home requires four white towels, a tub, hot, warm and cold water, all color powder bleach and a hanger.

  1. Prepare the veil

    The veil must be cleaned in a special position so that it does not tear under its own weight or bleach unevenly. Before putting the veil into the cleaning solution, fold it and sandwich it between two folded white towels.

  2. Prepare the cleaning solution

    The cleaning solution is made of bleach and water. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to determine the exact quantity of bleach to use. Dissolve the bleach in a small quantity of very hot water before adding it to a bathtub full of warm water.

  3. Clean the veil

    To clean the veil place, the veil-towel combination in the cleaning solution and allow it to sit. Take the veil out of the solution every 30 minutes and check it to see how it has whitened. The veil should take at most two hours to bleach. When the veil is totally cleaned, take it out of the solution and run the towels and veil under cold water.

  4. Dry the veil

    Remove the veil from the towels and place it on a dry white towel. Use another towel to pat off any excess water. Let the veil air dry and hang it on a hanger.