How Do You Clean Neoprene?

To clean neoprene, rinse it, fill a bathtub with diluted detergent, agitate the neoprene in the solution, soak it, rinse it, and air dry it. This process takes several hours and requires a bathtub, a shower head with a removable handle, mild detergent, a clothes line and clothes pins.

  1. Rinse the neoprene

    Put the neoprene in a bathtub, and rinse it with pressurized water from a removable shower head. Move the water stream over the neoprene for four minutes.

  2. Make the detergent bath

    Lift the neoprene out of the tub, plug the drain, and fill the tub with water. Add a squirt of gentle clothing detergent, and stir the water with your hands.

  3. Wash the neoprene

    Submerge the neoprene in the soapy water, and move it around with your hands. Squeeze the material frequently. If the water becomes extremely dirty, drain the tub, and refill it with fresh water and detergent.

  4. Soak the neoprene

    Soak the neoprene in the detergent solution for several hours. Leave severely soiled neoprene in the bathtub overnight.

  5. Rinse the neoprene

    Drain the tub, and rinse the neoprene with pressurized water. Keep rinsing until the waste water is clear and the neoprene does not produce soap bubbles.

  6. Dry the fabric

    Air dry the fabric on a clothes line.