How Do You Clean a Natural Slate Floor?


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Slate floors offer interior visual appeal but require regular maintenance to prevent dirt build-up and unsightly scratches. Cleaning a slate floor can be done rather quickly, and the only things you need are a soft-bristle broom, a non-oil-based dust mop, a bucket, warm water, mild detergent and a wet mop.

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  1. Remove loose debris

    Start off the process by sweeping the floor to get rid of any large debris. Next, go over the floor with a dust mop to get rid of any smaller debris and particles. Make sure to mop in a singular direction and avoid sweeping back and forth.

  2. Clean the floor

    After all loose debris has been removed, prepare the cleaning solution. Pour a gallon of warm water in the bucket, and add in about 1/4-cap of the mild detergent. Saturate the wet mop in the solution, wring thoroughly, and begin mopping all areas of the floor. Mop in a slow motion, and rinse and wring as necessary. If there appears to be a build-up of suds or soapy residue on the floor, fill the bucket with only warm water, and mop the floor again.

  3. Allow the floor to dry

    When done cleaning, allow the floor to air-dry. Ensure that there is no traffic on the floor while it's drying.

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