How Do You Clean a Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker?

To clean a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker, first ensure that the machine is turned off, unplugged and cool to touch. Remove the filter basket, permanent filter, decanter lid and decanter. Wash each part of the coffeemaker, as well as the carafe, with hot water and a mild liquid soap.

Never submerge the entire coffeemaker body in water. Instead, wipe down the body with a damp towel. After you have cleaned each part, be sure they are thoroughly dry before replacing.

Most parts of a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker are top-dishwasher safe. Do not put the body or water filter disk into the dishwasher. Never use an abrasive cleaner such as steel wool to clean your coffeemaker, as it will scratch the surfaces.

One trick for cleaning the inside a coffeemaker is to make a solution of half white vinegar and half water. This liquid removes the calcium deposits that can collect in the machine. Run the coffeemaker for half a cycle, using the solution in place of pure water. Turn off the machine and let the solution sit for about 30 minutes. Turn the machine back on and finish the second half of the cycle. Discard the vinegar solution and start another cycle, this time with only water.

Repeat a cycle with only water two or three more times to ensure the coffeemaker is clean and free of vinegar. It is recommended that you do this about once a month.