How Do I Clean a Mossberg 500 Barrel?


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Cleaning a Mossberg 500 barrel is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete. In order to clean your Mossberg 500 barrel, you will need only a bore snake.

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  1. Break the shotgun into its primary parts

    Make sure that the shotgun is unloaded before doing anything with it. Once the gun is unloaded, break it down into its parts. You can leave the action together, but make sure you tear down until you have access to the entirety of the shotgun barrel.

  2. Clean the barrel

    Take the bore snake in your hand, and insert it into the shotgun barrel. Slide it all the way down, and then pull it back up. If your bore snake uses a pull cord, try to make sure the snake does not catch on any of the parts of the barrel when you pull it back up. Continue to repeat this process, cleaning the snake in between movements, until you are happy with the level of cleanliness.

  3. Reassemble the shotgun

    Tighten up any of the screws or pieces of hardware that you may have loosened while cleaning and moving the shotgun. Put the rest of the gun back together, and hold the gun as if you are shooting it. Make sure it feels normal and no parts move before putting it away.

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