How do you clean mold on shower grout?


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Clean mold from showers by applying baking soda, spraying with vinegar, scrubbing the grout and rinsing with water. The bubbling action of baking soda and vinegar helps to lift the mold from the grout, making it easier to remove.

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  1. Apply baking soda

    If you're cleaning the walls of a shower, wet the tile so that the baking soda sticks. Sprinkle a light dusting of baking soda over the grout lines of the shower.

  2. Spray with vinegar

    Fill a household spray bottle with vinegar and spray the grout lines. The vinegar neutralizes the baking soda and forms a gas that causes bubbles to form. These bubbles help to lift the mold from the grout, which makes it easier to remove. Do not use vinegar on marble, as it can etch the surface.

  3. Scrub the surface

    Use a scrub brush to scrub the grout lines. Use a toothbrush to scrub any tight corners in the shower. Continue scrubbing until you loosen the mold from the grout.

  4. Rinse the shower

    Use hot water and direct the shower head to rinse away the mold and any remaining baking soda or vinegar. Prevent mold in the future by drying the shower with a squeegee and ensuring that there is ventilation in the room.

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