How Do You Clean Mircofiber Furniture?


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Clean microfiber furniture by vacuuming the pieces, using an appropriate solvent for stains, and restoring the nap of the upholstery. Use a conservative approach when cleaning this furniture, and stop as soon as you remove the soil to prevent damage.

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  1. Vacuum the upholstery

    Apply a soft brush attachment to a vacuum cleaner hose. Vacuum the furniture thoroughly on a weekly basis to remove soil before it begins to stain. Do not press the brush too hard while vacuuming, as this may force the soil into the upholstery.

  2. Use an appropriate solvent for stains

    Read the manufacturer's care tag. If the fabric is water safe, which is generally indicated by a "W" on the manufacturer's label, use a mild detergent and warm water to scrub away the stain gently; do not saturate the upholstery. Furniture marked with an "S" requires use of a dry-cleaning solvent or rubbing alcohol. A "W-S" indicates that the water or solvent is safe on the fabric. When microfiber furniture includes an "X" label, do not use water or a solvent to clean it. Always test a product in an inconspicuous spot before proceeding with the cleaning process.

  3. Restore the nap of the upholstery

    If you use water or solvents on the fabric, allow the upholstery to dry thoroughly, and vacuum again to lift the nap of the microfiber.

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