How Do You Clean a Microwave Oven Safely?

How Do You Clean a Microwave Oven Safely?

A safe method to clean a microwave is to heat a bowl of one part water and one part vinegar for two minutes. The food remnants in the unit wipe away easily with a sponge or clean cloth after microwaving the mixture.

Food splattered on microwave walls is often difficult to remove with scrubbing. With the vinegar and water method, the heated liquid creates steam that loosens the food. This makes the food come off easier with less scrubbing and without harsh cleaners.

As an added bonus, the vinegar sanitizes the microwave and makes it smell better. The process can help remove lingering food odors. A chopped up citrus fruit such as an orange, lemon or lime is an optional addition to the mixture. It helps freshen the microwave with its citrus smell.

The heated water and vinegar solution works on spots that don't wipe off right away. The user can dip a cloth in the mixture and use it to clean. The water is very hot after being in the microwave for two minutes. A pair of gloves helps protect the skin from burns. The vinegar and water mixture can help clean grease from the door. The gasket should be wiped down with water only to prevent damage to the rubber.

A final rinse of the microwave with a clean, damp cloth removes any leftover remnants. A dry towel works well for a final wipe down to prevent streaks and remove any remaining moisture.