How Do You Clean a Microsuede Couch?

How Do You Clean a Microsuede Couch?

To clean a microsuede couch, apply a water-based cleaner or microsuede solvent (depending on the sofa manufacturer's instructions), and wipe the damp areas with clean towels. Don't worry if parts of the couch darken, as the color becomes uniform again when the cleaner evaporates.

  1. Check the instructions for your couch

    Look in the section of the instructions that details the care of your couch for the letter indicating the correct type of cleaner. Use a water-based cleaner if you see the letter W, or use a microsuede solvent if you see the letter S. Use either one if you see both letters.

  2. Place the cleaner in a spray bottle

    Read the directions for the microsuede solvent or water-based cleaners, and place it in a spray bottle, diluting as necessary. If you have used the spray bottle for other chemicals in the past, clean it thoroughly so that you do not damage the microsuede.

  3. Spray the cleaner onto the sofa

    Apply a light layer of cleaner on the sofa, working in sections that are no larger than three square feet. Use a clean towel to wipe the damp area, moving in a circle. Apply pressure that is even but firm, placing the most pressure on any visible stains. Finish cleaning each section before moving on to the next.

  4. Allow the cleaner to dry

    Wait to sit on the couch until the fabric is dry. Touch the couch after 20 minutes to see if it is dry. Point a box fan at the wettest spots on the couch if you are concerned about the dampness.