How Do You Clean Microfiber Cloth?


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While there are a number of ways to clean microfiber cloths, including washing them by hand, a quick and easy method of doing so is to wash them in a washer and dryer. Since microfiber cloths can scuff surfaces if used when dirty, they should be washed after each use.

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  1. Pretreat the microfiber cloths

    Due to their tendency to attract lint, hair and dust from other fabrics, it is a good idea to separate the cloths from other laundry. Add a bit of laundry detergent to the microfiber, and then rinse them out with clean running water to prevent stains from forming.

  2. Wash the microfiber cloths

    Place the load of microfiber cloths into a washing machine, and wash them using regular laundry detergent. Use hot water if they are heavily soiled. For lightly soiled cloths, wash them on cold or use the gentle cycle to reduce wear on the cloths.

  3. Dry the microfiber cloths

    Remove the microfiber cloths from the washer and place them into a dryer. As with the wash cycle, keep microfiber cloths separate from other fabrics while running them through the dryer to prevent lint transfer. Dry the cloths using a short drying cycle, checking them periodically as they tend to dry quickly.

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