How Do You Clean Melamine?

According to Superior Cabinets, melamine cabinets should be cleaned using a mixture of warm water and a small quantity of dishwashing soap or a similarly mild detergent. Use a cloth dampened with the mixture to gently clean the surface, and then immediately wipe the melamine dry with a clean towel or cloth.

Do It Yourself, a home-project website, states that the best way to keep melamine kitchen surfaces fresh is to clean them regularly with a dry or slightly damp cloth so that they never become too dirty. This also minimizes damage from soap and water contact. Always avoid getting melamine surfaces soaking wet, as excess moisture quickly damages the material. Additionally, harsh cleaners such as silicone, ammonia or bleach should be avoided, as they easily damage melamine.

Melamine kitchen surfaces and tableware became popular in the 1950s and came into use as a widespread replacement for ceramics. Melamine resin is also commonly used for construction material and is the major component of Formica brand flooring, kitchen surfaces, countertops and cabinets. Melamine is also a major component in Magic Erasers and similar cleaning products because of its abrasive properties and inherent hardness. Melamine-resin kitchen utensils and plates are also commonly used for children, as the material is durable and doesn't melt in a dishwasher.