How Do You Clean a Masterbuilt Smoker?


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Clean a Masterbuilt electric smoker by allowing the unit to cool and washing it with a solution of warm water and grease-cutting dishwashing detergent. Rinse the smoker with water, and dry it thoroughly before storing it away.

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Scraping the smoker with a plastic scraper or steaming it with water in the smoker removes tougher buildup. Materials left in the smoker after use provide food for bacteria and mold. Moisture left in the unit encourages rusting of the metal. Cleaning the smoker after each use prolongs the life of the unit. Cleaning it after each use also helps to prevent baked-on grease that is more difficult to remove.

Buildup in the smoker comes from fats that drip from the meats as they cook and from the smoke itself. While it is not necessary to remove the smoke seasoning, removing excess materials keeps the unit clean.

Prior to the first use, owners should clean the smoker with soap and water, rinse it and then heat it to between 250 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit to cook off any oil from manufacturing the unit. Some users prefer to season the cooker before the first use. They apply a layer of cheap vegetable oil or bacon fat to the walls and heat it to bake on the seasoning. These users claim seasoning the unit before use makes cleanup easier after each smoking session.

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