How Do You Clean Marble Tile?

How Do You Clean Marble Tile?

Clean marble tile by sweeping or dusting it, using warm water for regular cleanings, choosing proper cleansers for deep cleaning, and drying the tile. Remember to clean up spills as soon as possible to prevent damage to the marble.

  1. Sweep or dust

    Use a large, dry broom to sweep marble tile floors regularly. Use a dry, nontreated duster or soft cloth to wipe tiles in showers or on countertops. This action removes dirt and dust particles that scratch and damage marble tile.

  2. Clean with warm water

    For general cleaning, mop or wipe with clean, warm water. In many cases, water is enough to spot clean floors, showers and other marble tiles, especially when it is combined with routine dry dusting, sweeping and prompt removal of spills.

  3. Use proper cleansers

    For bigger messes, use cleansers approved for marble tiles. Choose those that are nonabrasive and are not too acidic or too alkaline. Read the label to determine the safety of the cleanser on marble tile. Don't use household items such as vinegar, ammonia and bleach.

  4. Dry the tile

    Wipe the tiles dry with a soft, clean cloth. Removing standing water helps to prevent stains and damage to the tile. Using coasters under drinks helps prevent the formation of standing water.