How Do You Clean a Marble Shower?


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To clean a marble shower, wipe it with a wet chamois cloth, apply soap scum remover, treat stubborn stains with steel wool, apply mold killer, and dry the marble. This 45-minute process requires distilled water, two chamois, soap scum remover, a toothbrush, steel wool and mold killer.

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  1. Wet the marble

    Rub the marble with a chamois saturated with distilled water. Wipe the chamois over the marble to remove surface stains, and then apply more clean water. The marble must be soaking wet before you proceed.

  2. Apply soap scum remover

    Squirt pH-neutral soap scum remover onto dull, greasy areas. Scrub the marble with a soft toothbrush.

  3. Buff stains with steel wool

    Buff stubborn stains, water marks and mineral deposits with fine steel wool. Move the wool over the marble using light strokes, and check your progress frequently to avoid damaging the marble.

  4. Apply mold and mildew killer

    Spray the corners and perimeter of the shower with a mold and mildew killer approved for use on natural stone. Refer to the manufacturer's application instructions.

  5. Rinse and dry the marble

    Rinse the marble with distilled water, and buff it with a chamois until it is dry and shiny. Examine the marble carefully to ensure that no water droplets remain.

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