How Do You Clean a Marble Fireplace?

How Do You Clean a Marble Fireplace?

Treat a marble fireplace gently by cleaning it primarily with clean water and a rag, but a little dishwasher detergent can work on stubborn soot and dirt. Deeper stains should be attacked with a commercial marble cleaner.

The high sheen of polished marble stone is an elegant addition to any home. These pieces of marble tile are often used to line a fireplace surround to create a more dramatic effect. However, the tile does pick up a lot of dirt and soot from the fire over time. The key it to stay on top of the problem with regular cleaning.

  1. Use clean water
  2. Start with clean water and a cloth for everyday cleaning of the fireplace. Marble is very porous, absorbing and reacting to certain substances. Water is the most non-invasive solvent available for cleaning marble. Dry the marble afterwards to give it a shiny polish.

  3. Add a little dishwasher detergent
  4. More stubborn soot marks and stains may come off using a mild dishwasher detergent. Mix the detergent with warm water and soak a clean rag in the solution. Wipe the marks with the wet rag. Use clean water to rinse, and use a dry cloth to polish.

  5. Use marble cleaner
  6. Deeper stains can be buffed away with a professional marble cleaner. Follow instructions on the cleaner to use properly. Rub it in with a clean rag, and wash it off when finished.