How Do You Clean Marble?

How Do You Clean Marble?

Clean marble by wiping it with a wet sponge, using a nonabrasive cleaner to remove stains before drying the marble with a chamois cloth and applying marble polish. You need a sponge, a nonabrasive cleaner, a chamois cloth and marble polish. The process takes under an hour.

  1. Wipe the surface

    Wipe the surface of the marble with a sponge soaked in warm water. Pay particular attention to dull areas.

  2. Scrub stains with a nonabrasive cleaner

    Apply a nonabrasive cleaner to stains and dirt.

  3. Rinse with warm water

    Rinse the surface of the marble with warm water, continuing to rinse until any remaining residue is gone.

  4. Dry the marble

    Dry the marble using the chamois cloth.

  5. Apply marble polish

    Apply marble polish following the manufacturer's instructions.