How Do I Clean Mahogany Furniture?

To clean mahogany furniture, apply a commercial product approved for wood or make a cleaning solution with vinegar and water. Apply cleaning products with a soft, damp towel to avoid over-saturating the wood.

Dust mahogany furniture weekly to prevent the build-up of debris. Clean it only when it is stained or when something spills on it.

  1. Mix a cleaning solution
  2. Use a commercial cleaning product, or make one by combining one part vinegar with two parts water. Apply it to the mahogany furniture with a soft cloth, then wipe it dry when it is clean. Always wipe with the grain to keep liquids and solids from the crevices.

  3. Wax the furniture
  4. Waxing mahogany furniture brings out its natural luster and protects the finish. Apply the wax with a soft, clean cloth, then buff it with the grain.