How Do You Clean Magnalite Pots?

Magnalite pots can be cleaned using bleach, cream of tartar or an oven. Soft abrasive pads, wood skewers and hot water should also be used in combination with any of the three previously mentioned items.

To clean Magnalite pots, use bleach first, and then rinse the pot with hot water and soap. Use a sponge or a cloth to scrub any excess food or grime from the pot before rinsing it again in clean water. Let the pot sit in a solution composed of one teaspoon of bleach for every gallon of water. The bleach should be at least 5.25 percent chlorine. The pot should not be left in the solution for more than a minute in order to prevent damage to the aluminum. Once done soaking, let the pan air dry before repeating the process as needed.

Cream of tarter can also be used to clean Magnalite pots. First, boil water in the pot. Add a few tablespoons of cream of tarter for every gallon of hot water. Doing this helps remove any stains or discolorations from the pan.

If bleach and cream of tartar do not work, the Magnalite pot can also be placed in an oven while the oven cleaning cycle is on. However, care should be made to remove all non-aluminum components of the pot, as they may be destroyed in the hot oven. Also, pots should not be left in an oven during a cleaning cycle for any extended period of time, as this may ruin the soft aluminum of the pot.