How Do You Clean Limestone Floors?


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Limestone floors are cleaned in several steps. Vacuum the area to remove loose debris, then wash with a limestone cleaner or neutral pH detergent, using a sponge mop. Rinse with clean water to remove detergent from the surface.

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Limestone floors scratch easily, so vacuuming the surface prior to cleaning prevents small stones and other debris from damaging the floors. A mild detergent prevents the limestone surface from permanent damage.

To remove stains, allow the limestone cleaner to penetrate the limestone before rinsing. Rinse floors thoroughly after cleaning to prevent a cloudy film from forming on the surface. A paste of flour and hydrogen peroxide is useful in removing deep stains; spread the paste on deep stains and let it dry. Remove it using a cloth or a paint scraper.

Limestone floors can be protected from damage by maintaining a coat of limestone sealant. Reapplying regularly helps the stone retain a natural luster and prevent deep scratches from being formed. Additionally, regular maintenance such as vacuuming prevents unnecessary damage. Cleaning up liquid immediately prevent stains from forming in the flooring surface. Rugs placed in high traffic areas also cuts down on incidental damage, as does asking guests to remove shoes before stepping or standing on the floors.

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