How Do You Clean Leather Flexsteel Furniture?

To clean leather Flexsteel furniture, dust or vacuum it regularly to prevent dust from building up on the leather. To remove stains on the leather, blot it instead of wiping. Avoid using harsh leather cleaners to prevent any damage to the material.

When dusting the Flexsteel leather furniture, use a clean, soft piece of cloth or a feather duster. If vacuuming, use a soft brush attachment. Dust or vacuum the furniture at least once a week to prevent dust from accumulating and to maintain the leather's original shine.

If something spills on the leather furniture, blot the stain as quickly as possible. Blotting prevents the stain from spreading further on the furniture. Avoid wiping the stain with a cloth or tissue paper as this only rubs the staining material into the leather. If the furniture has cushions, fluff them once or two times a week to reduce the formation of permanent wrinkles.

Do not use leather cleaners to clean Flexsteel furniture as they can make the finish of the leather appear dull. Also avoid exposing the furniture to bright sunlight, which causes the leather to fade and become dull. To prevent staining, do not place newspaper on the leather for prolonged periods as the ink on the paper tends to transfer to the leather.