How Do You Clean Leather?


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Clean leather upholstery by vacuuming to remove dust, wiping with a rag dampened with mild detergent and water, rinsing with a second rag, and buffing to a shine. Apply a leather conditioner occasionally to prevent drying and cracking.

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  1. Vacuum the dust

    Use the soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to remove dust that collects on furniture. Avoid using a powerful vacuum that could leave marks on the upholstery. Work gently to prevent scratches to the surface.

  2. Wash the leather

    Mix two to three drops of gentle liquid body soap in 1 quart of distilled water. Dip the rag into the solution, and test it on an inconspicuous location before proceeding. Dampen the rag in the solution, and wring until it is very dry. Wipe the leather with the rag, working one section at a time.

  3. Rinse the detergent away

    Use a second clean rag dipped in distilled water and wrung dry to rinse the detergent away. Dry the surface with a clean towel.

  4. Buff to a shine

    Use another clean, soft towel to buff the surface to restore the shine.

  5. Use another clean, soft towel to buff the surface to restore the shine.

    Apply a leather conditioner per the manufacturer's directions. Avoid using oils, furniture polish or products containing silicone on leather, as they can leave a sticky residue.

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