How Do You Clean Lead?

Cleaning lead is a simple process that takes a variant amount of time depending on the amount of lead that needs to be cleaned up. In order to clean lead, you will need household detergent, a bucket, gloves, paper towels and a sealable plastic bag for safe storage of the paint chips.

  1. Pick up and bag any paint chips

    Put on gloves for your safety, and then look for any lead paint chips that you can remove with your gloved hand. Place these chips inside of the bag one at a time. Make sure that you have sealed the bag when you are done picking up the paint chips.

  2. Wipe down surfaces

    Fill the spray bottle with a household cleaning solution, and spray it onto any surfaces that require cleaning. Wipe the surfaces with the soapy solution thoroughly. When your paper towels become too dirty or too sudsy, you can replace them with fresh ones. Make sure you are thorough and getting all of the dust particles you can see.

  3. Rinse with water

    Fill your bucket with clean water, and use it to rinse down the dust particles and sudsy cleaning solution residue. Replace the water if it begins to accumulate too much lead and cleaner.