How Do You Clean an LCD Monitor?


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Cleaning LCD monitors is easy and makes the display easier to read. All you need is a non-abrasive cloth, vinegar, a small squirt bottle and distilled water.

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How Do You Clean an LCD Monitor?
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  1. Turn off your computer and monitor

    A cool, dark screen helps you see dirt and smudges.

  2. Dust your monitor with non-abrasive cloth

    Some good examples of non-abrasive cloths include microfiber, a cotton handkerchief and a T-shirt. Gently wipe the monitor with the soft cloth.

  3. Prepare the cleaning solution

    Fill the squirt bottle with equal parts vinegar and distilled water. Close the top and shake to mix.

  4. Apply the cleaning solution

    Spray the cleaner onto your non-abrasive cloth, not the screen itself. Spraying on the screen can cause malfunctions and damage.

  5. Clean the monitor with the damp cloth

    With the solution on the rag, lightly wipe the monitor. Let the screen air-dry.

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