How Do I Clean Landscaping Rocks?

Clean landscaping rocks by building a sifter, using a hardware screen, and sifting out the debris that has blown into the beds. Return the rocks to the bed and spread them evenly. The time it takes to complete the process depends on the size of the beds containing the rock.

  1. Build a sifter

    Construct a frame using four 30-inch 2x4-inch boards. Place the frame over a 36-inch square of 1/2-inch hardware cloth and bend the edges of the cloth over the sides of the frame. Staple the cloth every 3 inches. Make sure there are no sharp edges exposed from the hardware cloth.

  2. Sift the debris

    Roll a wheelbarrow to one end of the landscape bed. Place the sifter over the wheelbarrow. Use a shovel to lift the rock from the bed into the sifter. Move the rocks across the bottom screen so the soil falls through. Remove any large sticks or debris from the sifter.

  3. Return the rocks to the bed

    If weeds are starting to grow through the gravel, install a weed barrier. Once the rocks are clean, return them to the landscape bed. Repeat with the next section of rocks. Once the wheelbarrow is full, dump the soil or use it for other landscaping purposes. Continue the process until the entire bed is complete.