How Do You Clean a Laminate Wood Floor Without Chemicals?


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For everyday cleaning of laminate flooring, most surfaces require nothing more than the use of a soft dust mop or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. If the floors require additional cleaning, use a damp mop, dipped in plain water and wrung almost dry.

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Daily cleaning prevents many of the problems associated with laminate and reduces the need for heavy-duty cleaning with harsh chemicals. Dirt and grime act as sandpaper to wear away the finish of the floor, so you should remove them promptly. When vacuuming laminate, use the hard floor attachment for your vacuum, and avoid the use of the beater bar. While it improves cleaning of carpets, it is likely to damage laminate.

If the floor needs heavy-duty cleaning, try mixing a cup of vinegar in a gallon of warm water and applying with a damp mop. Regardless of the cleaner you use for your hardwood floor, avoid wet-mopping the surface. Large quantities of water on the floor from wet-mopping can cause warping of the laminate and other damage.

To protect the flooring, avoid using soap- or detergent-based cleaners. They leave a film on the flooring that dulls its shine. Also avoid the use of wax or wax-based cleaners on no-wax laminates, as they leave a residue that diminishes the natural shine.

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