How Do You Clean Laminate Floors That Have Sheetrock Dust?

Because of the possibility of getting the sheetrock particles between the laminate pieces, to clean it from the surface requires that you vacuum up the dust before dry-mopping the floor. For grimier floors a further cleaning with vinegar and water is needed.

  1. Remove the dust

    Set a vacuum to bare floor mode, making sure that the brush bar setting is off. The brush bar can scrape the surface of laminate floors. Run the vacuum over the floor to pull up the dust, overlapping each run by about 2 inches to ensure that none is missed.

  2. Clean the floor

    Dry-mop the floor using an electrostatic mop to complete the removal of the sheetrock dust as well as remove any other dirt or debris from the surface. As with the vacuum, use overlapping runs to make certain none of the floors surface remains uncleaned.

  3. Wash the floor

    Dilute a small amount of vinegar with about a gallon of water in a bucket. Dampen a rag with the water and then wipe the floor with the damp rag. Wring the rag out thoroughly before wiping so that there is no water dripping onto the floor or between the floorboards. Rinse the floor with a rag dampened with clean water and then wipe the surface dry to finish.