How Do I Clean Laminate Floors?

clean-laminate-floors Credit: Stephen Simpson/Taxi/Getty Images

Clean your laminate floors by using a dry dust mop, using very little soap and water, buffing the floor and taking measures to prevent wear. The time it takes to clean the floor depends on the size of the area. You need a dry dust mop or vacuum, water, cleaner, microfiber cleaning cloths and floor mats.

  1. Remove the dirt

    When removing dirt from your laminate floor, avoid using a traditional broom. Brooms leave too much grit behind, which streaks or scratches the laminate. Use a vacuum or dry dust mop to remove dirt. If you use a vacuum, place it on the hard floor setting or disengage the brush.

  2. Mop the floor

    Mop the laminate flooring using only a little soap and water. Too much soap leaves behind scum that makes the laminate look dull. Laminate flooring does not require specialized laminate cleaner. Use only a little water when mopping. Too much can cause the laminate to swell and warp.

  3. Buff the floor

    Shine the floor by using microfiber cleaning cloths or buffing rags on it.

  4. Take preventative measures

    Take measures to prevent your laminate floor from becoming damaged. Place rugs by doors to keep these high-traffic areas from wearing out. Do not allow shoes on the floor, which can contain small rocks and pebbles that scratch the floor.

Most laminate flooring has a coating that protects it from scratches and scrapes, as well as spills and stains. The coating also protects it from fading, so it is important to follow a specific cleaning method. Harming or dissolving the protective coating puts the flooring at risk for possibly irreparable damage.