How Do You Clean Lacquer Furniture?

clean-lacquer-furniture Credit: industrialandrew/CC-BY-2.0

Lacquer furniture should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, followed immediately by wiping it down with a dry cloth. Once all dirt is removed, the furniture can be waxed with a liquid wax designed specifically for lacquer.

Cleaning the dirt off of lacquer furniture before polishing is a necessity. If lacquer furniture is waxed while dirt is still on the surface, the dirt can scratch the finish. However, lacquer can be harmed by too much water, so it should be dried quickly and thoroughly. Soft cloths need to be used for cleaning, drying and waxing to avoid marring the surface. Furniture polish should not be used on lacquer.

Lacquer is applied to furniture in several thin coats. It dries very quickly and comes in a variety of finishes, though a high-intensity shine is the most common. It is a popular finish for Asian or modern furniture.

Due to its consistency, lacquer is usually applied with a sprayer. Though it dries quickly, at least 48 hours should pass between coats to avoid runs and sags. The furniture should be lightly sanded and rubbed down with a tack cloth before applying the first coat. It should also be lightly sanded between coats to obtain a rich, deep finish.