How Do You Clean a Kuerig Machine?

How Do You Clean a Kuerig Machine?

Clean a Keurig by unplugging the machine, washing all removable parts and descaling it with vinegar. The whole process can be done in minutes.

To reduce the need for subsequent cleanings, use bottled water when brewing. This cuts down on the buildup tap water leaves behind.

  1. Unplug the machine
  2. Always unplug the Keurig before cleaning.

  3. Disassemble the machine
  4. Thoroughly wash any removable parts in warm, soapy water, and then dry.

  5. Plug the machine back in and descale
  6. Place the removable parts back on the machine. Add a mixture of one-half white vinegar and one-half water into the reservoir and run the vinegar through the Keurig, as if brewing a cup of coffee. Use the entire mixture for best results.

  7. Follow with water
  8. Follow the descaling with a water rinse by running clean water through the machine. This will remove any residual vinegar. Again, fill up the reservoir and use all the water.

Keurig recommends cleaning its machines every 3 to 6 months to prevent buildup and to keep the machine running like new. Should debris enter the water line, blow through it with a straw and rinse with water. Rarely, the entry and exit needles of the machine become clogged. Keurig provides instructions on how to clean these needles on its website.