How Do You Clean a Kitchen Grease Trap?

To clean a grease trap, open the unit, and remove the contents by placing them into a garbage bag that contains oil dry. Dispose of the contents of the grease trap, and add the required enzymes or bacteria. A standard grease trap can be cleaned within a few hours.

  1. Open the grease trap

    Locate the grease trap, and open it to begin removing the materials inside. Note the position of the gasket and other parts, as it is necessary to replace each part after cleaning.

  2. Remove the materials inside the trap

    Begin scooping out the solid grease inside the grease trap, and place the materials that are removed in a garbage bin that is triple-lined with heavy-duty garbage bags. Place a small amount of oil dry, available at most auto parts stores, in the bottom of the topmost garbage bag to absorb excess water and grease, and dispose of the materials according to local regulations. If required, add grease trap bacteria or enzymes to the unit after removing the solid particles of grease.

  3. Replace the gasket

    Ensure all the parts inside the grease trap are in proper working order to prevent releasing grease into local sewage systems. Replace any parts that appear damaged, and reassemble the unit. Do not use soap or other cleaning agents in the grease trap.