How Do You Clean Kitchen Cabinets?


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Clean kitchen cabinets by emptying them, wiping the interiors with soapy water, rinsing and drying. Clean the exteriors by treating especially soiled spots with a cleaner that contains orange oil, wiping the exteriors down with soapy water, rinsing and drying.

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  1. Empty the cabinets

    Remove everything from the cabinets.

  2. Wipe the interiors with a sponge wet with warm, soapy water

    Fill a sink or bucket with warm water, and add a teaspoon of dish liquid. Wet a sponge in the solution, and wipe out the cupboards.

  3. Rinse the interior of the cupboards

    Wet a fresh sponge with clean water. Wipe the cupboards out to remove soap residue.

  4. Dry the interior of the cupboards

    Run a soft, dry cloth over the interior surfaces to remove any moisture.

  5. Treat heavily soiled areas on the exteriors with an orange oil cleaner

    Spray a wood-safe orange oil cleaner on the portions of the cabinet exteriors with dirt buildup or grease spots. Let the cleaner sit for a minute to loosen the dirt and grease.

  6. Wipe the exteriors with warm, soapy water

    Rinse the sponge. Wet it in the detergent-water solution, and wipe the exterior of the cabinets. Focus on the areas around the handles and other heavily soiled spots.

  7. Rinse the exteriors

    Wipe the exteriors down with a clean sponge moistened with warm water.

  8. Dry the exteriors

    Rub the exteriors with a soft cloth to remove moisture. Buff with a circular motion to give the exteriors a lustrous shine.

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