How Do You Clean a Kenmore Washing Machine?

To clean a Kenmore washing machine, wipe down the exterior, clean the tub, soak all dispensers, and wipe down the seal and lid. Prevent future mildew by leaving the lid open and allowing the tub to dry between washes.

  1. Clean the outside

    Wipe down the entire exterior of the washing machine using a rag and a mild all-purpose cleaner. White vinegar or dish soap can be substituted for the all-purpose cleaner.

  2. Clean the tub

    Clean the tub of the washing machine using a rag and all-purpose cleaner. You can also use white vinegar or dish soap. Add 2 cups of white vinegar to the tub of the washing machine, and run a complete wash cycle on the hottest setting. Substitute lemon juice for vinegar, if desired.

  3. Clean the dispensers

    Remove the dispensers, and place them in hot water. Allow residue to soften, and wipe the dispensers clean with a rag. Replace each dispenser in its correct location.

  4. Clean the lid

    Wipe down the lid of the washing machine using a mild all-purpose cleaner or dish soap. Clean the seal the same way.

  5. Prevent mildew

    Prevent future mildew by allowing the inside of the tub to dry before shutting the lid between loads.