How Do You Clean a Jack LaLanne Juicer?


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To clean a Jack LaLanne juicer, unplug the juicer and wait for the motor to stop, then disassemble the juicer and clean the individual parts with warm soapy water except for the base, filter and blade. The base should be wiped clean with a damp cloth. To clean the blade and filter, run warm water over each and remove pulp with a soft-bristled brush.

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Jack LaLanne juicers must be disassembled before cleaning to ensure that all parts are sufficiently washed. To disassemble a Jack LaLanne juicer for cleaning, remove the pusher from the chute and lower the juicer's locking bar. Then remove the juicer lid, which includes the pulp guard and pulp collector. Using a crescent tool, remove the juicer blade by lining the tool up with the two holes on the blade and turning the tool counter-clockwise. When the blade is removed, take out the filter and remove the receptacle from the base.

After the Jack LaLanne juicer has been disassembled and cleaned, always make sure that all of the juicer's parts are dried before using again. Because the juicer is an electrical appliance, it is imperative that no leftover water remains on it before plugging back in and using again.

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