How Do You Clean an IPE Deck?

How Do You Clean an IPE Deck?

To clean an IPE deck, sweep it, wash with a wood cleaner, and rinse with fresh, clean water. Use a power washer to remove stains, and sand the deck to remove scratches. If desired, apply a deck finisher to maintain the color of the deck.

Begin cleaning an IPE deck by removing all furniture kept on it. Then, sweep the deck using a broom to remove dust and debris such as pine needles and leaves. Use an 80-grit sand paper to remove any blemishes off the deck's surface. Remove dirt using a brush with stiff nonmetallic bristles.

Before washing the deck with a good quality wood cleaner, wet it by hosing water on it with a garden hose. Apply the cleaner with a garden or hand sprayer, and leave it on the deck for approximately 30 minutes. Use the wood cleaner as per the instructions given with respect to dilution and the amount to be used.

After washing with the wood cleaner, hose or spray fresh water to rinse off the cleaner. Let the deck dry for around 48 hours.

If there are any stains on the IPE deck, use a power washer with a capacity of 3,000 pounds per square feet of pressure. When using the power washer, begin at the low setting, and apply the washer uniformly over the deck's surface. Use the washer at the high settings only if the stains cannot be removed at the low setting.

If using a deck finisher, hose water thoroughly over it, and then apply the finisher. After cleaning, replace the deck furniture.