How Do You Clean Intex Pool Covers?

How Do You Clean Intex Pool Covers?

Cleaning an Intex pool cover is a simple process that takes a variable amount of time depending on the size of the cover and the severity of the buildup. In order to clean an Intex pool cover, you will need a cover pump, a broom and a hose.

  1. Use the pump on wet areas

    Examine your pool cover for any areas that are particularly wet. Usually, these parts of the cover will have accumulated damp gunk along with leaves. Turn your cover pump on, and use it to drain out the moisture that has settled on the top of the pool cover. It is okay if there is still some buildup of dry dirt.

  2. Sweep the dry debris

    Use your broom to sweep off as much of the dry buildup as you can. It should be fairly easy to remove most of the dirt that has been caked onto the top of the cover by the sun.

  3. Hose down the entire surface of the pool cover

    Use the hose to rinse off the cover after you have swept up as much as you can. If possible, use a hose nozzle that allows for a high-pressure stream of water to get rid of any deposits you could not reach by sweeping.