How Do You Clean Icy Soles?


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To clean icy soles, scrub them with Sea Glow cleanser, leave the shoes in sunlight for an hour, rinse the soles, and then seal them. The supplies you need include Sea Glow cleanser, a scrubbing pad, paper towels, water and clear nail polish. This process takes about two hours.

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  1. Scrub the soles with Sea Glow

    Apply Sea Glow cleanser to the soles. Do not get the product on any other parts of the shoe, including glued seams and leather areas. Scrub the soles with a scrubbing pad, working the cleanser into the creases.

  2. Expose the soles to sunlight

    Apply a second coat of Sea Glow, and place the sneakers in sunlight with the soles up. Leave them there for one hour.

  3. Rinse the soles

    Wipe the soles with a wet paper towel. If some Sea Glow residue remains, moisten it with fresh cleanser, then remove it with a wet paper towel. Do not leave any cleanser on the soles. Dry the shoes with paper towels.

  4. Seal the soles

    Inspect the soles to verify they are clean and dry. Paint them with clear nail polish, and leave them undisturbed until the polish dries. Examine the soles often, and re-seal them when the polish wears off.

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