How Do You Clean the Ice Maker of a Refrigerator?

Clearing out and defrosting the freezer before applying icemaker cleaner to the unit are the steps to ensuring that the refrigerator makes ice in a clean environment. Icemaker cleaner is available online and at home improvement retail stores.

Before cleaning the ice maker, it is important to declutter the freezer. Check all of the items in the freezer to make sure they have not expired, and throw away items that are no longer usable. Before defrosting the freezer, put any food that needs to stay cold in a cooler with ice or a different freezer.

Lift the icemaker arm so that the motor does not turn before cleaning the ice tray. Use a household cleaner to clean the inside and outside of the ice tray to ensure hygiene with each batch of ice cubes.

The next step involves running the icemaker through several ice making cycles with the commercial cleaner in the system. The ice that comes out of these cycles is not safe to use, but the process does clean out the machine. After you are through following the manufacturer's instructions with the cleaner, clean the tray out one more time, and start using the ice maker normally again.