How Do You Clean a House After Bombing for Bed Bugs?

To clean a house after a bed bug bomb, air out the house, wipe down all the surfaces, wash utensils and linens, and mop the floors. Ensure that you follow the instructions when using bug bombs or foggers, and cover everything in the home before using the bombs.

  1. Air out the house

    Wait for the stipulated time before re-entering the house after bombing. Open all the doors and windows in the home, and exit the house. Allow the house to air for a few hours before beginning the cleanup.

  2. Wipe down all surfaces

    Mix warm water and soap in a bucket. Using a wash rag, wipe down all surfaces, including counters, tables and bookshelves. Wipe down all equipment, including televisions, microwaves and the refrigerator. Change the wash rag periodically as you proceed.

  3. Wash utensils and linens

    Wash all the plates, silverware and glasses thoroughly in warm, soapy water. Wash all the curtains, bedspreads and sheets.

  4. Mop the floors

    Mop the floors around the home with warm, soapy water. You may have to mop the floors three or four times to completely get rid of the pesticides. Use special cleaners to get rid of stains on walls, appliances, floors and baseboards where necessary.