How Do You Clean a Hot Tub?

Clean a hot tub by removing the filter and adding a biofilm line-flush product. After the product circulates, drain the tub with a submersible pump, wipe it with vinegar, and refill the tub with fresh water. Install a new filter and chemicals, adjusting as necessary.

  1. Kill the biofilm

    Biofilm is the slime that collects inside the pump and tubing of the hot tub. It includes mold, algae and bacteria. Before draining the tub, remove the filter, add a line-flush product. Operate the tub per the product manufacturer's directions to remove and suspend the biofilm.

  2. Empty the hot tub

    Unless the tub has a drain, use a submersible pump to remove the water from the tub. If the tub has a drain, open it to drain the water.

  3. Wipe all surfaces with vinegar

    Use a sponge and distilled vinegar diluted with four parts of water to wipe all surfaces to kill any remaining growth on the hot tub. Use a towel to dry and polish the surfaces.

  4. Fill with water

    Refill the tub with clean water. Insert the hose into the skimmer chamber where you normally install the filter to fill the tub. This prevents any air locks in the system.

  5. Replace the filter and adjust chemicals

    Install a new filter in the compartment, and add chemicals per the manufacturer's directions for starting the hot tub. Once the water reaches temperature, test it to ensure a proper chemical balance.