How Do You Clean Honeywell Fans?

To clean a standard Honeywell fan, unplug it, and remove the front grill and fan blades. Clean the fan with a mild dishwashing solution, and dry the components before reassembly. This process requires a screwdriver, soap and water, a mild dishwashing solution, a towel and cotton swabs.

  1. Unplug the fan

    Before disassembling or cleaning the fan, remove the fan from its power source by unplugging the fan from the electrical outlet that powers the fan.

  2. Remove the front grill

    Examine the fan to discover how the front grill is held on. For some models, the front grill is held onto the rear grill by clips around the perimeter of the fan. Other models attach with a screw that must be removed. Identify how your fan is assembled, and take the steps necessary to remove the front grill. If the fan grills appear to be glued together, do not proceed.

  3. Remove the blades

    With the front grill removed, unscrew the cap the holds the fan blades in place, and remove the blades.

  4. Clean the fan components

    Use a mild dishwashing solution to clean the fan blades and front grill. Wipe down the rear grill and fan base with soap and water as well. Do not submerge the fan base, including the motor, in water. Instead, use a towel to wipe down the surfaces. Remove dust collected in crevices using a moist cotton swab.

  5. Reassemble the fan

    Dry each component thoroughly, replace the fan blades on to the base, and tighten the blade cap onto to motor. Replace the grill, and secure it onto the fan base with the clips or by replacing the screw.