How Do You Clean a Heating Blanket?


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Heating blankets are washed on the gentle cycle for two minutes using a gentle cleanser, according to Sunbeam. After washing, the blanket is rinsed and air dried.

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To wash a heating blanket, disconnect all cords and place the blanket in the washer. If you are using a top-loading washing machine, fill the washer with cool water before inserting the blanket. Set the washer on the gentle or delicate cycle and add a mild cleanser, such as a cleaner used for hand-washing clothes, and allow the blanket to wash for two minutes. Drain the washer, and start the rinse cycle. The blanket should go through the entire rinse cycle to remove any residue from the detergent.

Sunbeam recommends preheating the dryer. Start the dryer on low heat and allow it to run for two minutes, then place the blanket in the dryer for an additional ten minutes on low heat. Remove the heating blanket before it is completely dry.

Place the blanket on a clothesline to air dry. Sunbeam states that placing the heating blanket in the dryer for too long or using clothespins may damage the wiring. If a clothesline is not available, hang the blanket over a shower curtain rod or a closet rod until it is completely dry. According to Sunbeam, commercial dryers may damage the wiring. When washing a heating blanket at a laundromat, it is necessary to air dry the blanket after shaping.

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