How Do You Clean a Hat?


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Clean a baseball hat by applying laundry prewash spray to any stains and placing it on the top rack of an otherwise empty dishwasher. Use normal machine detergent to wash the hat. Place the cap over a balloon to maintain its shape while drying.

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  1. Pretreat the hat

    Use a laundry pretreatment spray for any stains on the hat. Pay particular attention to the inner rim of the hat, as it often absorbs sweat and oils from the hair.

  2. Place the hat in the dishwasher

    Empty the dishwasher. Place the hat on the top rack of the machine, positioning it so the pegs maintain it in the upright position throughout the cycle. Wash as many hats as you are able to fit on the top rack of the machine.

  3. Set the machine

    Turn off the heated drying, and select a normal wash. If your machine allows you to, choose a warm water setting. Fill the cup with dishwasher detergent and start the machine. Do not use laundry detergent, which suds too heavily for use in the dishwasher. Start the cycle.

  4. Remove and dry the hat

    Remove the hat at the end of the rinse cycle. Inflate a balloon to approximately the size of the hat owner's head. Place the hat over the balloon on a kitchen counter to dry. Prevent future stains by spraying the dry hat with a stain guard product.

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