How Do I Clean Hairspray Off My Curling Iron?

clean-hairspray-off-curling-iron Credit: Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Leaving hairspray on a curling iron can damage your hair and the curling iron. For the curling iron to work well, it must be cleaned regularly. To clean a curling iron, you'll need a washcloth, rubbing alcohol or baking soda and water, and possibly professional curling iron cleaner.

  1. Make sure the curling iron is cool

    Unplug the curling iron from the wall and let it cool. Lightly tap the barrel after a few minutes to make sure it is not hot.

  2. Clean the barrel of the curling iron with rubbing alcohol

    Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a clean washcloth and wipe down the barrel of the iron.

  3. Clean the barrel of the curling iron with baking soda and water

    Another option is to use a paste consisting of baking soda and water. Apply the paste directly onto the barrel and wipe it away with a clean washcloth.

  4. Repeat the cleaning process

    Repeat the cleaning process if any hairspray remains on the curling iron. Use the same method, applying more pressure to the areas with built-up hairspray.

  5. Clean the barrel of the curling iron with professional curling iron cleaner

    If neither of the two cleaning solutions work, buy professional curling iron cleaner from a beauty supply store. Follow the directions given by the manufacturer to complete the cleaning process.