How Do You Clean Gutters?

How Do You Clean Gutters?

Clean gutters by scooping out the leaves, dropping them onto a tarp and discarding them in a compost pile. Clear the downspout with a garden hose, and flush the entire system with the hose starting at the spot farthest from the downspout.

  1. Remove leaves from the gutters

    Prop a ladder near one end of the gutter, and spread a large tarp near the ladder. Climb the ladder, and scoop out leaves and other debris from the gutter. Scoop as far as you can reach on either side of the ladder. Deposit the debris onto the tarp, or alternatively, place them in a bucket. Climb down, and then discard the debris into a compost pile. Move the ladder further down the gutter, and continue scooping out the gutter until clean.

  2. Clear the downspout

    Place the ladder near the downspout. Turn your garden hose on high, and extend the nozzle of the hose to the top of the downspout. Run water through the downspout until the water runs out clean from the other end.

  3. Rinse the gutter system

    Move the ladder to the end of the gutter farthest from the downspout, and run water through the gutter towards the downspout to flush it out. Continue until the water runs clean out of the downspout.