How Do You Clean a Grinder?


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Clean a coffee grinder by adding a handful of dry rice, operating the machine, dumping the powder, brushing away any remaining debris and washing the top. Cleaning the grinder prepares it for other uses, such as grinding spices, but it should be cleaned each time you change products.

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  1. Add the rice

    Add a small handful of rice to the grinding bowl. The rice helps to remove oils, old coffee grounds and odors from the machine. If rice is not available, stale bread also works; however, you should avoid grinding any nonfood items in the machine.

  2. Operate the machine

    Press the start button and allow the machine to grind the rice to a fine powder.

  3. Dump the powder

    Empty the powder you have created with the grinder into the garbage.

  4. Brush away the debris

    Use the brush supplied with the grinder to remove any remaining powder from the machine. If the brush is no longer available, use a new paint brush you reserve for cleaning the grinder. If materials remain on the blades or burrs, use a pipe cleaner to gently coax them out of the tight areas.

  5. Wash the plastic top

    Remove the top to the grinder, and wash it with warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry the top before replacing.

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